Tight lacer, troublemaker, whip snapper, wise cracker, magic tricks, swizzle sticks, voodoo kicks, and a urban myth. Little Miss Risk is not just your average weirdo!


In addition to being a fire performer, sideshow performance artist, snake dancer, aerialist, professional mermaid/aquabat, and fetish performer, she is well known for her work in genre films (American Mary, ABCs Of Death 2, The Editor, House Of Manson, Frankenstein Created Bikers, Alya and more) and has her circus performance troupe as well, The Caravan Of Creeps.


In addition to being a threat onstage and on camera, she is a prolific writer and heading into the world of directing and filmmaking. German Penthouse Pet (featured on the cover of June 2014 as Pet Of The Month) she has also been voted in the Playboy's Top 50 Scream Queens Of All Time and has been featured in Bizarre Magazine, Fangoria, Rue Morgue, Girls and Corpses and many more. The High Priestess of the Low Brow, she'll find a way to make you feel uncomfortable and aroused, usually at the same time.







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