Beauty & The Beast – Frankie Faux is both!


This fierce and ferocious feline has shredded her way through the burlesque industry from Australia to Canada, making her mark wherever she lands around the globe.


Beginning her career as a burlesque performers in Australia at the barely legal age of 18 and now just four yearsin, Frankie Faux has become one of the most credited and sought after burlesque perfo rmer in the Southern Hemisphere.


Crowned “First Runner Up Miss Burlesque Australia” in 2013 and awarded “Most Likely to Take Over The World” & “Best Butt” at The Australian Burlesque Community Awards 2014.


Not only an entertainer but a creative director and costumer, deemed a “visionary” to her coworkers and clients all around the world. Frankie Faux uses her extensive background in theatre merging golden age burlesque with modern concepts to create cultivating, progressive and awe-inspiring performances.


This dark and mysterious siren could lure men to their death with her curvaceous assets and nostalgic glares. Frankie Faux immerses herself into her performances, executing fierce, fiery and passionate rituals that shake the stage she stands on.



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